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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  August 18, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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there is good news. police searching for two women who say are targeting folks and stealing wallets. a naked statue of trump in the castro. the story behind it. good afternoon. i am cristina rendon in for gasia mikaelian. >> i am mike mibach. firefighters may finally be starting to catch a break. ted rowlands is near the fire lines. he joins us live. what is the latest, ted? >> reporter: well, this is the biggest concern, this area here, because there is some fire activity in the hills. look at this hillside here. this is completely charred out, but last night it was engulfed in flames, and take a look at where the homes are in relation to that hillside. they are right here. last night it was quite a firefight. firefighters were able to save
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these homes and then mother nature really came in and did most of the work because the wind shifted and pushed the fire back onto itself. it was really the game changer, if you will, because these homes were absolutely in peril until that wind shifted and pushed the flames back onto themselves. wrightwood a population of 5,000 people. this is the only population area right now that is in major danger of this fire. about half of the people left. the other half decided they didn't want to want to leave. a couple folks said we are going to wait it out. >> yeah, we are just gonna stick it out and hopefully everything stays the same and mellows out. >> reporter: you're packed? >> yes. >> reporter: what do you have? >> clothes. photos. things that are expensive. >> reporter: so the biggest concern is actually just over this hillside.
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there is fire activity there. we drove into that hillside earlier this morning. it's about probably a mile away from here and there is significant fire activity. if the wind shifts back or picks up in intensity, that could be a problem. for now, things look good. talking to firefighters, they are crossing their fingers this weather will stay with them for the next several hours to give them the upper hand in this still uncontained fire. >> last night you were just really in the thick of it. i am curious. just the attitude, the emotions of the firefighters from just 14 hours ago to this afternoon, do you get a sense that they are, indeed, from their perspective, getting a good grip on this finally, getting the upper hand? >> reporter: yeah. you can tell the anxiety level is at a different level. last night it was active. the firefight was active. there were flames everywhere. now it's a different scenario. they are here. they are obviously watching everything and they have fire
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trucks in driveways in the area. but they are just monitoring and monitoring specifically the weather. if things change, they will jump into action. at this time they are really standing guard in case they are needed. at least in this area. >> a great job protecting these structures last night where you are. ted rowlands live in san bernardino county. thank you. want to bring in our meteorologist, mark tamayo. we heard ted talk about the break in the weather for those firefighters? >> yeah, that was a nice development. it's interesting. we have the overall weather pattern. you have weather stations around the area to describe the overall conditions. but the fire itself is so chaotic, it can generate its own micro scale weather pattern. that's the hard part to model. >> we saw a tornado of flames. >> yeah, that popped up yesterday. a lot of that could be a factor. not only the weather, but on the extreme fire behavior as well. we have red flag warnings posted for southern california for the fire zone of the blue
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cut fire. temperatures still very hot and also very dry out there, and also you are hearing a lot about the terrain and also just where some of these towns are. there is wrightwood in the upper left portion of your screen. right now temperatures broke out a couple sensors here. lower elevations 90 degrees. relative humidity at 5%. up in wrightwood temperatures in the upper 70s. moisture around 17%. the key concern today will be increase in the wind speeds for the higher elevations. winds could top 25 miles per hour, increasing through the afternoon hours. you see the temperature spread from the mid 80s to the higher elevations, close to 100 degrees closer to the lower elevations. we are not talking about any fog to help things. we are still talking about a bit of a breeze and hot temperatures. still it was a nice improvement, but still it's going to be a challenge. >> take advantage of that break with the air attack and pound
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it until those winds give up. >> yeah. you hear about the local fire crews being sent out. what i'm told is at times they are told to go to a residence to camp out. >> all right. mark, we will check in in a little bit. in lake county, fire officials have increased the number of homes destroyed to 200 single family homes. ten other multi-family homes, 13 businesses are destroyed. the fire that spread across 4,000 acres is 55% contained. today crews are expected to continue mopping up and securing the fire perimeter. last night more residents were allowed back into the burned area, but still there are some road closures. crews nope have the fire -- hope to have the fire contained by sunday. >> the man accused of starting that fire is in jail. damin pashilk made an appearance yesterday. he fainted before entering the
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courtroom and needed water before appearing before the judge. he kept his face down, turned away from the news camera. he is accused of starting the clayton fire as well as 11 other fires since july of last year. >> if i knew what the motivation would be, i would be a psychologist making millions of dollars writing books. >> pashilk did not say much during the brief court hearing but nodded his head and gave a soft yes when asked if he understood the charges against him. he lost his home to a fire in 2013. the motive of that clayton fire is a mystery at this hour. he is scheduled to return to court in three weeks. the search is on for two women expected of stealing wallets of patrons in walnut creek. >> police are looking at new surveillance video in helping their investigation. ktvu's alex savidge is live now in that city with the details. alex. >> reporter: hey, good afternoon to you guys.
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yeah. surveillance video shows two women lifting wallets from unsuspecting customers at three different restaurants in downtown walnut creek over the past couple of weeks. we will show you this video here. you can see these two women seated together at a table. watch as one of them reaches hyped her and grabs the wallet -- behind her and grabs the wallet out of another customers' pictures. police believe they are responsible for three wallet thefts between july 27 and august 5. investigators say the women immediately started using the stolen credit cards from those wallets at nearby businesses in this area, and also at the sun valley mall in concord. we talked to a woman in downtown walnut creek this morning. she told us seeing this surveillance video is part of the reason why she keeps her purse very close to her. >> it's relatively that way. and now when we hear this
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story, you know, like you don't feel safe any more, right? when you go to a restaurant, you need to -- >> hold your purse? >> yeah. one idea like this here or in the restaurant it's like this. >> reporter: and police say one of those two women acts as a lookout during these crimes while the other snatches the wallets from those customers. here are some still photos here of the two women police are trying to identify and, obviously, trying to take into custody. if you recognize either of the two women seen on that surveillance video you should put in a call to the walnut creek police department. >> all right. thank you very much. a middle school teacher accused of having a relationship with a teenager. police in san bruno say they found butts inside a car with a
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15-year-old girl on monday. police say further investigation revealed the relationship. it's not clear if the girl was a former student. he was arrested on charges. lewd and lascivious acts involving a child. a man is in the santa clara jail facing child pornography charges. he was arrested after getting a tip. detectives searched the suspect's home on west middlefield road where they found hundreds of graphic child pornography images on his computer. oakland police are investigating an overnight shooting that injured four people. it happened shortly before 11:00 last night on mandela parkway near 11th street. no word on the condition of the four victims or what led up to the gunfire. we do know that one of the victims was a minor. police are still searching for the gunman. a baby is in critical condition after his mother was killed in an early morning crash in east san jose
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yesterday. the crash happened around 2:00 in the morning when a car carrying an 18-year-old expectant mother and her brother veered off highway 101. it crashed into a car parked on the shoulder. she died at the hospital. according to reports, her son has been named christopher as she had wanted. the cause of that crash is still under investigation. and the eastbound lanes of interstate 780 in vallejo are back open after a major big rig crash. morning commuters were told to avoid the area when a big rig overturned just after 8:00 this morning on laurel street. all lanes of the freeway were shut down. traffic was allowed to pass on the shoulder and center divide. thankfully, that big rig driver wasn't injured. no other vehicles were involved in the crash and an investigation is underway to determine why that driver lost control. still ahead, new developments in the alleged robbery case involving u.s. olympics swimmer ryan lochte. what brazilian police are saying about that incident and
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the new surveillance video just released. and a cooling trend on the horizon. ktvu meteorologist mark tamayo will be back to tell you what it means for your weekend forecast. plus, a statue of donald trump now in san francisco's castro district. the political message behind it.
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there are still an estimated 4,000 people in
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shelters, but people in louisiana are beginning to return them after days of deadly flooding. >> stacy siegel explains that for some folks, the nightmare is not over. >> reporter: the scope of devastation in louisiana is difficult to get your mind around. as you drive through many of the neighborhoods, this is what streets look like. piles of debris in front of homes. remnants of people's lives soaking wet sitting on the curb because it could not be salvaged. denim springs, which is part of livingston parish, one of the hardest hit areas 12 miles east of baton rouge, officials estimate about 90% of the homes in this community sustained some kind of damage. the town has mostly dried up, so the clean-up and recovery is in full swing. more than 70,000 victims across the state have already registered for federal disaster assistance. and the secretary of homeland security, jeh johnson, will be on the ground in louisiana
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today meeting with leaders and residents. his department oversees fema. now, not everyone out of the woods yet. points south of baton rouge still seeing the water rise in some places. nothing dramatic like when the two feet of rain fell in places over the weekend, but it is enough to prompt a handful of evacuations down in vermilion parish about 90 miles to the southwest of where we are. boat rescues have still been going on in places like serento, louisiana, where the so-called cajun navy has been at work. been all over the impacted areas. a group of volunteers who have helped rescue hundreds. >> i can't see how anybody would sit home if they could help, you know? it's the amount of people that came here to help is overwhelming almost to where at one time it was almost too many boats. >> reporter: in total more than
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30,000 water rescues have been carried out across the state of louisiana since friday. in denim springs, fox news. you can tell from the video in that story it appears that the residents are getting a break, mark. is there more rain in the forecast? >> there is some more rain on the radar, mike. to put that in perspective, he said two feet of rainfall over the two-day period. san francisco all of last year for the rainy season picked up over 23 inches. so that's basically what san francisco picked up for an entire rainy season in just about two days, just to put that in perspective how extreme that flooding has been. unfortunately, we still have some rain showers. of course, i am talking about the rainfall rates we had over the weekend. still rainfall across portions of louisiana. this is the radar loop just over the past few hours to the north of new orleans. it's not completely dry. a lot of moisture in that area and some thunderstorms popping up for parts of the area.
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the fog hugging a good portion of the shore line. blanketing the pacific ocean and clinging to the coast from half moon bay to pacifica, ocean beach, towards the marin headlands and point reyes, as well. current numbers san francisco 62. san jose 77. livermore 81. santa rosa and napa in the lower 70s. 70 to 73 degrees. a spare the air alert today across the bay area. unhealthy for sensitive groups for portions of the east bay. that's for today. then moderate levels for the rest of the bay area for the north bay, for the coast, towards the santa clara valley. two different weather patterns in the pacific. they are trying to win out, and this area of low pressure will eventually win out heading into the weekend. for today over the past few days this area of high pressure has been heating up parts of the inland neighborhoods to the 90s. you can see that fog still hugging a good portion of the california coastline. for today two different weather
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worlds. cool temperatures coast side, areas of foggy. the bay mid 70s. inland some haze out there. the hazy sunshine and temperatures inland close to the lower 90s. a look at our forecast highs this afternoon. santa rosa 81. san francisco 66 degrees. hayward 77 and some more neighborhoods for you coming up with half moon bay 61 and lots of 80s for san jose, morgan hill, and gilroy. here is a look ahead. your five-day forecast. temperatures are going to cool things off just a little bit, but not by much. by friday and into the weekend, in fact by sunday warmest locations inland back up into the mid-to-upper 80s. so mike and cristina, we want to return the fog, we miss it and then into the weekend it looks like the fog will win out. we always want the warmer temperatures as well. that will come around eventually. >> yeah. thanks, mark. we continue to follow developments in the alleged robbery case involving u.s. olympic swimmer ryan lochte.
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brazilian police officials saying lochte lied about being robbed at gunpoint in rio. the official says that swimmer jack conger and gunnar bentz who were pulled off a commercial airplane going back to the u.s. yesterday told police the story was fabricated. there is surveillance video of the swimmers breaking a locked door at a gas station. >> there was no robbery in the way that it was reported by the athletes. they were not the victim of the criminal facts that they described. the police can order confirm -- can already confirm this. we don't have the complete pictures, so we can't answer all of your questions. what crimes will they have to answer for? we can't answer that. >> lochte is back in the united states and the other swimmers have been told not to leave brazil. so far no one has been charged
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with a crime. there is a haunting new image showing how devastating the recent airstrikes in syria can be. this video shows a five-year- old boy rescued from a partially destroyed building in the aftermath of an airstrike in aleppo. he is sitting in the ambulance stunned, covered in dust. an hour after his rescue the building the boy was in collapsed. his family survived. in syria, amnesty international says 17,000 people have died in syrian jails in the last five years. the human rights group says most of those people were tortured while in custody. some of the more common methods of torture were electrical shock, sexual violence, and scalding with hot water. they say those deaths have all happened since the start of the uprising against president bashar assad in march of 2011. hundreds of thousands of
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accounts have been suspended. the san francisco-based company has terminated 360,000 accounts since the middle of 2015. the rate of daily suspensions is up 80% since last year. twitter says suspensions spike following terrorist attacks. twitter has been criticized in the past for not doing enough to keep extremist groups like isis from recruiting. t, we bel. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet, we've created access from at&t. california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month.
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donald trump heads to north carolina today for a series of events one day after announcing an expansion of his top staff, which is being met with mixed reaction. >> hillary clinton's running mate is taking back negative comments he once made about her husband bill clinton. lauren blanchard has more. >> that's now 20 years old. >> reporter: tim kaine, the democratic vice presidential candidate, is trying to downplay recently uncovered comments he made in 2002 when he suggested president bill clinton, the husband of his running mate, should have resigned over his affair with monica lewinsky. kane, who acknowledged making the remarks, saying it was borne out of frustration. >> it was a feeling i had at the time. now i am thinking about, what
12:25 pm
do we do to help this country be strong? so past controversies don't have anything to do with that question. >> reporter: hillary clinton is taking the day off from campaigning, but will are meeting with law enforcement officials in new york city. her opponent, donald trump, has been painting himself as the law and order candidate. with clinton ahead in the polls nationally, she took a swipe at the republican nominee during a stop wednesday in ohio for his recent staff changes at the top. >> he can hire and fire anybody he wants from his campaign. there is no new donald trump. this is it. >> reporter: with just 82 days left before election day, trump's team is denying the addition of kellyanne conway as a shake-up, instead calling it an expansion, gearing up for the final stretch. >> i keep hearing that term used a lot. the big shake-up that is coming is the one that donald trump
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will bring to washington. >> reporter: a recent poll shows donald trump behind by nine points. lauren blanchard, fox news. a new statue in the castro neighborhood is getting a lot of attention. here it is, it's a life-sized figure of donald trump naked. it's on the corner of castro and market streets. identical statues have turned up in new york, cleveland, los angeles, and seattle. in decline has taken credit saying in a statement, quote, these fleeting installations represent this fleeting nightmare and in the fall it is our wish to look back and laugh at donald trump's failed and delusional quest to obtain the presidency. donald trump's daughter ivanka is helping to race money for hillary clinton's campaign unintentionally. this picture was posted to graham by the brooklyn-based company called lady gray jewelry. it shows a let their the company reportedly sent to the ivanka family after she
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purchased earrings, or rather ear cuff from them. the proceeds from the order are being donated to the american immigration council, the every town for gun safety organization, and the hillary clinton campaign. taking a look at the big board. stocks kind of a little change on trading on wall street. the dow jones is up nine points. nasdaq is up five points. the s&p 500 is up three points. layoffs for solarcity. the company is blaming the cutbacks on a lower guidance for solar panel installations than originally forecast. solarcity is in the process of being acquired by tesla motors. they did not reveal how many positions they plan to cut. today uber announced some customers will start being picked up by self-driving cars in the next few weeks. the ridesharing service says it will happen in pittsburgh, pennsylvania. the cars will be all ford fusions. they will have human drivers serving as backups. uber has a self-driving lab in
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pittsburgh they signed a $300 million deal with volvo to use the self-driving vehicle research. those are expected to join the fleet in pittsburgh. witnesses describe it as a driving gun battle. the latest on the investigation into a shooting that happened yesterday afternoon in emeryville. plus, scientists in the south bay say they are close to perfecting a tool that could help police more accurately test people who are driving under the influence or under the influence of marijuana. california's clean air laws we've cut toxic pollution. we're seeing fewing cases of asthma in kids.
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emeryville police have leased an image of a shootout that happened yesterday afternoon. >> it stretched several busy blocks. leigh martinez reports on the search for the gunman. >> reporter: well, this is a residential area. take a look over here. you can see the houses here. people were getting ready for work, they were doing yard work. anyone that was outside had to lay down on the ground because they say they heard gunshots going over their heads. now, before the shooting, witnesses said they saw two cars going 60 to 70 miles per hour, possibly chasing each other. when they got to 46th and adaline, that's when they opened fire. a nearby surveillance camera caught the high-speed gun battle. police offered this image.
12:32 pm
it shows a man leaning out of the window of a white sedan firing a semi-automatic handgun. his target appears to be a gray sedan ahead, and the occupants inside were apparently firing back. police say fortunately no one was hurt. >> there was a lot of shooting going on on a residential street in the middle of the morning. there were people on foot in the neighborhood. also people in their houses. yeah, there were a lot of very frightened people. >> reporter: two types of shell casings, dozens of them were found over two blocks. as far as police know, only a rental van parked was hit by bullets. the two cars then sped off north heading towards oakland. police have other still images of the gun battle, but they are looking for video and for any witnesses to come forward who may be able to tip them off as to who the gunmen are. leigh martinez. a violent month on the streets of hayward. there have been five homicides
12:33 pm
since august 2. homicide detectives have made an arrest in two of the killings. those cases involve family disputes. they are still searching for suspects in the three other homicide cases in the city. >> our detectives are basically working with no days off because of all the stuff that happened between a short period of time. we don't have a serial murder going around. none of those kinds of things. it's unfortunate that they happened at the same time. we want to reassure people that these are unrelated, isolated incidents. >> before this month there had been three homicide in hayward the entire year. police also wounded a suspect in a officer-involved shooting last weekend. the hearing for the man accused of killing missing teenager sierra lamar of morgan hill is due to resume this afternoon. the lawyers claim it would be hards for torres to get a fair trial because of all the
12:34 pm
pretrial publicity. sierra vanished near morgan hill in 2012. prosecutors say they have the evidence to convict torres even though the teenager's body was never found. the mayor is due in court stemming from charges of a strip game. authorities say he make a secret audio recording of a game which involved a 16-year- old boy and an 18-year-old girl. they also accuse silva of serving alcohol to a minor. this evening another meeting scheduled in san francisco to get public input on the city's next police chief. tonight is the third of five public meetings hosted by the san francisco police commission. officials plan to use the information and take it into consideration when reviewing applicants for the job. interim police chief toney chaplin has gotten a lot of support, although he has not officially applied for the job. >> tonight's meeting is located
12:35 pm
at mission high school cafeteria. it will run from 6 to 8:00. georgia congressman and famed civil rights leader john lewis is here in the bay area as part of a stop on his national book tour. his book is published in comic book form in an effort to reach younger readers. it details his upbringing in alabama as the son of a share cropper through his rise as a civil rights leader. yesterday our own dave clark was among those who attended a san francisco luncheon in his honor and he asked him his views about the country in this day and age. >> today america is a different and better america. in 1965, on the bring, hundreds of thousands of people could not register to vote because of the color of their skin. and we changed that. >> lewis' books have been best sellers and are widely used as teaching tools in schools. they will now be in san
12:36 pm
francisco public schools. a beloved restaurant will get to stay open. the land lord withdrew the eviction notice for salute. she says the restaurant has made an effort to fix the issues and the property owner decided to give her one more chance. she has owned salute for 20 years and she is known for her charitable work. law enforcement officers may soon have a tool to help people from driving under the influence of marijuana. >> we spoke to stanford researchers who say they are close to perfecting a roadside test for driving while high. >> reporter: the future of dui enforcement may be coming together in the palm of these hands. >> a lot of people are driving under the influence of marijuana, but it cannot be really deterred. >> reporter: dr. shan wang leads a team of graduate students who may have the solution generated from saliva
12:37 pm
samples. team leader tyler schultz used a decade of cancer research as a starting point. the problem getting the sensor to lock on to tiny thc molecules in marijuana. he uses a beachball analogy. >> what we're trying to do is have two hands grab the beachball, except thc is so small that once one hand grabs it, there is nowhere else for the other hand to go. >> reporter: the solution? design specially magnetized nanoparticles that tape to the thc. then introduce a saliva particle tainted with marijuana. >> it comes near the sensor, we can deduce how many molecules of marijuana in the saliva. >> reporter: putting the heady science aside. this prototype gizmo works. the device is being designed to be more user friendly for law enforcement. >> how the police officer interacts with the device, how
12:38 pm
to make it process simpler for the officers. >> reporter: researchers have already developed a breathalyzer test for marijuana, but it's not that accurate. the saliva test though can detect nanograms of marijuana in your saliva and show results in minutes. >> trying to figure out the best way to do that. >> reporter: and the best way is what? >> [ laughter ] >> reporter: clinical trials are still on the horizon, but dr. wang is filled with wonderment at how this cutting- edge technology could ultimately save lives. on the stanford campus, jesse gary, ktvu fox 2 news. if you have ever been on public transit in san francisco you may have an opinion on what you could change if you could. the city is asking for those ideas. go to the special website connect and show where the station lines should go. it's part of a master plan for the underground transit system.
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it's supposed to help coordinate progress on transit progress and keep track of spending. the oakland raiders gearing up for their second preseason game. what you can expect when they take on the green bay packers tonight. that game airing route here on ktvu fox 2. the best record in baseball a few months ago. not any more. after the break, what is plaguing the giants. and a cooling trend on the way. a live picture looking out at san francisco bay. a quick peak there of the transamerica building. meteorologist mark tamayo back with us after the break.
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bad news for the oakland a's. the team is at a seen high 17 games under .500 after being swept by the texas rangers yesterday. the a's got out to an early lead. coco crisp, who has recently complained about a lack of playing time, hit a home run to lead often the game. the a's had a 2-1 lead in the fifth when ian desmond hit a 2- 1 single to give the rangers the lead for good. they won 6- 2. they begin a series with the white sox tomorrow. as for the san francisco giants, they are gearing up for a four-game series against the mets tonight out at at&t ballpark. it comes as the pirates just left town with a nice three- game. >> and just a month ago the giants had the best record in baseball. since then they have had the worst. scott reiss looks at what's
12:43 pm
wrong with the giants. >> this should do it. and that's the ballgame. >> another frustrating night. >> reporter: ebbs and flows are natural over the course of 162- game baseball season. the giants are on a decided downswing, and it's lasted for a month. >> it's hard to explain right now. it really is. every single season there comes a day, a series, a week, a month where you can't gather yourself, and then put it back together. the giants have been stuck in can't gather themselves mode since the all-star break. >> you are hitting, you are not pitching. when you are pitching, you are not hitting. we have had both. >> reporter: truth is the team has struggled in every aspect of the game, although, to their credit, you wouldn't know it from the clubhouse demeanor. >> i wouldn't say anybody is pressing. we show up in a good mood. everybody comes in laughing, i have been impressed.
12:44 pm
they stay up for every game. their focus is on what they have to do today. >> reporter: which is, after all, exactly what you would expect from a team that's won three clippers this decade. even the new guy has recognized the aura of success. >> it's cool to see the stuff. you talk to the guys who have been there, done that. that must be great to lift up that trophy. >> we understand what's at stake. we understand the time of the season also. it's not a time of the season to let off on the gas pedal, so to speak. >> reporter: to the contrary, they need to floor it, and soon, because ebbs and flows are fine, but an august freefall is not. >> there is no other way to say it. this is time to play better baseball right now. the math is going to run out on you. >> if you are looking for a glass half full perspective, start with the law of averages. they are way too talented to
12:45 pm
stay in this funk much longer. and then there is the schedule. three games at the dodgers next week. at at&t park, scott reiss, ktvu fox 2 news. the oakland raiders continue their preparations for the season tonight in green bay. they will take on the packers in week two of the preseason. expect a little more playing time for quarterback derek carr as well as the other big starters. the raiders beat the cardinals last week. espn reporting that aaron rodgers will not suit up for the packers tonight. you can watch that game right here on ktvu fox 2 at 5:00 after "the 4 on 2" newscast. you can also catch the ktvu news at 5 and 6 on our ktvu plus channel. meanwhile, the 49ers getting ready for their next preseason game on saturday against the denver broncos. this week the teams have been holding joint practices together out at the broncos facility. christian ponder practicing for the first time as a 49er since signing with the team.
12:46 pm
colin kaepernick is not expected to play because of shoulder tightness. he was on the field to take some snaps on some running plays and it expected to play in the third preseason game. now a look at our bay area weather. mark, if you were headed to the giants game tonight, what could we expect? >> typical san francisco summertime weather. temperatures on the cool side. temperatures will be in the upper 50s. by the fifth or sixth inning, chilly towards at&t park. here is our live camera rooking -- looking to the bay bridge. that fog has been a constant for the past week near the immediate coastline. this is the same satellite we have been showing you the past few weeks. there is one change developing. you have been hearing about the fire in southern california. don't forget about the fire near big sur, the soberanes fire. we have a weak southerly flow developing. that could transport some of the smoke closer to parts of the bay area, especially the south bay for today.
12:47 pm
you might notice a little bit more in the hazy department for the south bay and parts of the east bay because that smoke drifting in from the south. current numbers out there. livermore checking in at 81. walnut creek 83 degrees. friends in santa rosa 70. san francisco 62. half moon bay in the lower 60s. so here is the plan for today. in fact, here is another live camera towards the oakland estuary. hot temperatures inland. not excessively hot. the warmest locations approaching the lower 90s. around the bay 70s. the beaches in the lower 60s. here is a forecast for this evening with the giants and mets. partly cloudy skies. temperatures in the upper 50s. a bit of a breeze out there. that typical sea breeze six up. we will be at 15, possibly 20 miles per hour. two different weather features in the pacific. this high pressure which could warm us up, and this area of low pressure to the north sagging down into northern california. with that we will be cooling things off a little bit into
12:48 pm
the -- weekend. the beaches, you can see that the fog bank still hanging tough near the shoreline. forecast highs this afternoon. the warmest locations out towards antioch and brentwood. 93 to 94 degrees. santa rosa 81. san francisco 66. pacifica 62. mainly in the 60s for the coastline. you will find 70s and 80s around the bay itself. we have a spare the air alert issued for today for the entire bay area with this warm weather pattern in place. san jose 81. gilroy 88 degrees. half moon bay checks in with a forecast high of 61. here is a look ahead. your five-day forecast. temperatures just some minor changes. nothing too exciting to talk about in this five-day forecast. wealthy to make it exciting. you can see temperatures cooling off friday into saturday. warmest locations around 90 degrees. cooler inland on sunday. we will shave off a whole three degrees. looks like partly cloudy skies early next week. looking way ahead by tuesday and wednesday might be able to warm up those temperatures.
12:49 pm
still with the warm temperatures, mike, i noticed pool time yesterday on your instagram account? >> yeah, my instagram account was hot with the pool time yesterday. taking the children out there. diving in. spent a good hour. maybe we will back it up with one today. >> okay. not excessively hot temperatures, but comfortable. >> you know what, mark? you always make the forecast great. >> thank you. i will try to change up the tie or new hairstyle or something like that [ laughter ] >> thanks. well, the lava is flowing in hawaii. lava from a volcano on hawaii's big island has crept down a mountainside and is flowing into the pacific ocean. tourists from around the world have gone to the beaches to get a firsthand look. >> you feel the heat. i mean, you are so close that you feel the heat and you smell super funny. i don't know. it's like welding or something. yeah. it's very special. very special feeling. the whole thing is so super different than all the things i have done before. >> scientists say the 2,000
12:50 pm
degree molten rock is from one of the world's most active volcanoes. this is the first time in three years the lava made it all the way down in the ocean. "sunset" magazine is revealing its bay area idea house to the public this weekend. the house is located in the east bay in claremont hills. it's a place to showcase new design ideas allowing the public to see design concepts. it includes three bedrooms, a studio, media room and wine cellar. it features work from a number of local designers. >> sunset recently relocated from menlo park to jack london square in oakland. this is our way of paying homage to the east bay and to really celebrate our new home. >> this is the 18th year since the magazine revealed an idea house on the west coast. it will be open for the next six weekends. tickets can be purchased online
12:51 pm
at the most interesting part where i couldn't believe it was what the actual laws were in america, meaning that these guys found this way to become gun runners, these two kind of, you know, morons, basically. like young hustlers. >> war dogs based on a true story about two guys who became international arm dealers and scammed the u.s. government. your preview coming up after the break.
12:52 pm
12:53 pm
12:54 pm
based on a true story, jonah hill and miles teller star in a movie about two 20 somethings scamming the government. >> a preview of "war dogs" before it hits theaters this weekend. >> they call guys like us war dogs. bottom feeders who make money off war. >> reporter: jonah hill and miles teller star in "war dogs" based on the true story of a couple of 20 something miami guys who became international arms dealers. the pair took advantage of a government initiative that allowed small businesses to bid on military contracts. they landed a $300 million deal until things went awry. >> the most interesting part where i couldn't believe it was what the actual laws were in america, meaning that these
12:55 pm
guys found this way to become gun runners, these two kind of, you know, morons, basically, like young hustlers. >> reporter: director todd phillips says while the film was inspired by real events, they added some movie magic. >> they are not famous. we are not doing lincoln. we have a little more liberty to take more liberties. we did that with their characters. >> reporter: teller met the guy he plays on screen. >> he was on set and it was just interesting seeing that it's still ongoing for him. this isn't something that ended. >> reporter: jonah didn't meet his character. when it came to his physical transformation for the role, he shared how he came up with his look. >> the hair. the tan. getting bigger. sort of like the jewelry. really miami was like a big influence on the character. i felt like miami culture played a big part of who these guys are and how they grew up. it's a unique culture unto
12:56 pm
itself. and not in a negative way, but everyone is on their hustle there, wheeling and dealing, looking for success or their version of the american dream. >> reporter: michelle bolino. big news for bay area thrill seekers. great america introduced plans for a new rollercoaster. it will be called the patriot and it will be the first floorless rollercoaster. it will take riders 91 feet high before plummeting them into a 360 loop at 45 miles per hour. vortex will offer the last rides on september 5. patriot is scheduled to debut for the 2017 season. a few minutes away from the closing bell. taking a look at the dow jones right now, up 13 points. i should mention crude oil prices higher for the sixth session in a row. the dow is up again, as you can see, 13 points. the nasdaq and s&p also up a
12:57 pm
few points. today we will be following some more on that blue cut fire in san bernardino county. please watch ktvu news at 4. thank you now for joining us on ktvu news at noon. we will, of course, keep you updated online and you can always find us on facebook and twitter. have a good day.
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